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Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit comments and to attend the two Open Forum sessions we held last month. Based on the response to this effort, I am going to keep this “What’s On Your Mind” section on our website and I encourage you to use it to share your thoughts, make suggestions, raise concerns, and in general continue our conversation. I will also schedule future Open Forums, most likely as informal “Brown Bag” lunches where people can bring their lunches and just talk about what’s on all of our minds. Right now, that is probably the just-announced consolidation with Southern Polytechnic! But I want to continue my efforts to engage more with you - our faculty and staff - in a conversation about our college, and to listen and learn from you. And of course I will still do my best to answer your questions and address your concerns. I also want to hear your ideas about what we can do to keep improving. I still plan to schedule some additional "Open Forums" beyond the lunch sessions if you are interested, along with my ongoing visits to individual department meetings. We will continue to look for one or two key topics for each session, and then leave plenty of time for questions and conversation. So this site will continue to help plan for those sessions by giving you a completely anonymous, secure method of submitting questions or topics you would like us to address. We will look for ones most frequently raised and build short agendas around them as starting points for each session. So please, continue to submit "What's on Your Mind" and help organize this year's ongoing conversation.